Tax Consulting in the United States

The United States of America is a purely fiscal country that, depending on multiple factors (economic activity that you develop, state laws, immigration status, among others), certain fiscal commitments with the nation must be fulfilled in a timely manner and avoid incurring possible legal sanctions.

Our tax advice is the professional service where we help manage compliance with federal and state tax obligations, both for individuals and legal entities.

All the members of our work team are certified agents before the IRS, which legally accredits us to carry out this work and have extensive experience in tax matters, our mission being to help people in their tax returns in an integral way, becoming your accounting reference go beyond a simple tax preparer.

In the area of ​​small and medium-sized industries as well as new entrepreneurs, we characterize ourselves by guiding our clients who want to start a business within the nation, in the fiscal commitments for specific economic activity that they must comply with and in evaluating the financial feasibility of said business idea, as well as customers who are already operational, our main function is to manage all the tax returns of your business, whether annual or quarterly, and provide our support on the issue of mandatory withholdings in the payment of your employees.

Our services in the tax area are described below:

  1. Tax declaration for natural persons.
  2. Tax declaration for legal persons.
  3. Business Tax Planning Service.