Health and Life Insurance Consultancy

At VA Business Group we are licensed health and life insurance agents in the United States, we offer coverage and personalized assistance in multiple states of the United States.

Obama Care health plans, beyond offering them to the general public, we focus on guiding people in selecting their best option based on their personal or family profile. Additionally, our clients receive from us all the necessary fiscal orientation of this medical coverage to be able to relate said coverage (which has a federal tax subsidy) in their personal tax return.

We have a wide portfolio of contracts from the main health companies in the country, which we make available to our clients.

In the area of ​​life insurance, we also have the ability to guide our clients in selecting the best option for their coverage, adapted to their needs and guaranteeing the best benefits for you and your family.

Indexed accounts and retirement plans are products that we offer to all people who want to create long-term financial planning that will allow them to meet the needs of each individual, such as guaranteeing income for retirement, or paying university school fees for their sons. With this type of financial tools, your money in a defined timeline will work for you.

Our services in the area of health and life insurance are described below:
  1. Coverage in beatings from Obama Care.
  2. Life policies.
  3. Retirement and investment plans.
  4. Supplemental insurance
  5. Dental and vision coverage plans