Accounting and administrative services aimed at Companies

Our accounting and administrative services are oriented to the fulfillment of financial activities originally delegated by our clients.

Starting with the tax and state registration service of your business in the United States, we offer the opportunity to any resident or non-resident person in the country to legally establish their business, obtaining in their company registration, generally in a maximum of 48 hours. .

People who want to start a commercial activity on their own in this country, we are able to create economic feasibility systems for new businesses and unit price analysis, placing their idea of ​​entrepreneurship in a tax and accounting plan, first.

For business units that are already established and operational, we offer the issuance of accounting balances for your business, a profit and loss statement for your activity, as well as a quantitative and qualitative analysis of your business model based on accounting results. We are the accounting and administrative support your business needs, so that you can dedicate yourself to the operation of your company and to locate new sources of income.

Additionally, we have the ability to process payroll payments to your workers in an automated manner, the quantification and cancellation of fiscal commitments related to payroll management.

Our accounting and administrative services are described below:
  1. Opening of companies and corporations in the United States.
  2. Registration of trade names in the United States.
  3. Registration of trademarks in the United States.
    Bookkeeping service.
    Payroll service for companies.
  4. Business plans and economic projections.