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The main letter of introduction to our clients is the professionalism and experience accumulated by each of the members of our company.

To the requirements of our clients, transparency and confidentiality in our management, national certifications in accordance with our services and continuous academic training.


Our Professional Services

Tax Consulting in the United States

Our tax advice within the United States is a professional service where we help manage compliance with federal and state tax obligations, both for individuals and legal entities.

Accounting and administrative services aimed at Companies

Our accounting and administrative services are aimed at the economic management of the company, we offer the issuance of accounting balances, in addition to monitoring and analyzing the economic situation of your business, with the aim of optimizing its profitability.

Health and life insurance consultancy

At VA Business Group we are licensed health and life insurance agents in the United States, we offer coverage and personalized assistance in various states of the United States.

Who we are ?

Financial Consulting Provider Agency

V&A BUSINESS GROUP is a company created by 3 professionals of Venezuelan origin in the year 2020 based in the United States who throughout their careers have accumulated the work experience and certifications before Federal entities of the United States necessary to be able to advise on tax issues. , accounting and financial services to the community in general.

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More than satisfied clients
to complate project


More than satisfied clients
to complate project


More than satisfied clients
to complate project

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No Doubt We Are Trusted

Our mission is to offer integral solutions in fiscal, accounting and financial areas to individuals as well as small and medium companies, becoming a support for many people who, thanks to our work and negotiations, have the security that their needs are being covered in a personalized way by expert professionals in the area.

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